Do you really know who you are? - A journey of self reflection

Do you really know who you are? - A journey of self reflection


I am no expert, however I do consider myself an observer. I like to research and understand my environment and those in it, myself included.

With some age I have come to understand that the majority of us spend our lives, not being our true selves. 

The bundle of atoms that materialized onto this planet already filled with all the tools God  equipped us to be here and to be what we have within us to be. 

But when we arrived here we were already in someone’s arms, in someone’s home, in their environment, in their culture, in their class. 

Because of this, many of grew into what we were born into. Those of us who allow, our selves, the you inside of the body you arrived in, to be limited by our conditions and conditioning may stay right there.

A lot of the time, we are simply allowing ourselves to be stifled by environment, and expectation rather than getting to know ourselves, our likes, wants, needs and our path. We tend to just flow along with the status quo.

I read a book once that suggests for each person you know, there is a slightly different version of you and none of those versions is the same as your version. After truly understanding that statement, it makes me wonder why judgement even exists in peoples minds. Yes, It is the natural activity of the human brain to try to answer a question. We see a person and our brain instantly wants to categorize it. However that natural action of the brain will eventually be challenged with logic. For all of the people judging you, just know that most people aren’t even properly judging themselves.

I say this to say; it would serve us better to stop allowing our likes and goals dreams, passions, those things that we “have always wanted to do” but never told anyone be held back by “what will they think if I do it”. Because it doesn’t matter, if they didn’t know this was in you. You knew, and you decide to pursue the things that stir your own soul. 

There is only one you, and we only have one life. Be all that you are, see the places you want, or stay home if that’s what you enjoy. Go do that stand up, if you’re a singer sing, if you’re a dancer dance. Wear that outfit, try those shoes, wear that hairstyle. Try that new thing no one knew you even cared about. Life is too short to waste it on other peoples expectations. Eventually we will all end up in the same place again but for now, just be you.

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